The I Awaken some Shadows.

A small part of my story.......

The I Awaken some Shadows

It ran the current year, and was a typical one but to the same time characteristic, as evocative evening of you begin June, a June that is the prosperosità of the year also in the irish atmosphere, we are precisely to Knock, a small paesino in the environs of Belfast, that is the capital, in the Ireland north west, being an island is wet mainly from the waters atlantiche, cold waters, that wet those same coasts smashing over is and curling itself between them their same rocky inlets, created from volcanic eruptions distant now, well all sappiamo how it is presented the
typical climate Irishman, being an island of the north is rather cold also to the beginnings of what will be an irish summer, the that sky evening was cloudy, a Front disturbed gave back it dark and threatening in egual manner, big crushing of clouds arrived adds itself to those that there were already, it is forecast a storm, and the sea, in its immense expanse of water Atlantic already was moved, his waves lifted itself already like giants awakened from a natural force that carried to smash be dissolved them itself then in a myriad of you gush of water on the same rocks
of the high irish coasts, already the evening was lowered, were already the twenty, the twenty and a precise minute, and the life to the inside of the same one paesino was rather calm and good weather, an inhabited paesino for the more from fishermen, the residences being the Ireland a cold island were strong, in wood, evocative, quite warm, and warmed up, and that same evening, the house that it is seen, scorgendola at first in distance, was a casetta of bell' appearance, with quite strong roof in wood, some strokes is some walls it, that it, were in bulky blocks of
stone, for give back quite solid his foundation on a slow ground, on the roof there was a roof ridge, from which went out smoke of fire lit in a chimney, went out rather intensely dispersing itself like fog in the already nocturnal air and stormy, dispersing to its time that good perfume of firewood, it house was of property of the family Sullivan from more of cent' years, was surrounded for all its perimeter from a quite solid fencing that contained its note ground, done in a trigonometric plant quadrangolare, was enough spacious, not very far there was an attractive
tree, and not distant the uninhabited pavement to quell' now, and already wet from that fine drizzle that seemed only to graze or to dampen l' asphalt, also the road was uninhabited, c' were only the car in halt, while all were in the actual houses with the actual families, we said that that house belonged the family Sullivan from more hundred-year-old, was the encore grandfather of Sandy to arrive in Ireland when still was a boy, to that time, during the first years ‘20,aveva only nineteen years, it is called Poul Sullivan, arrived in Ireland before the explosion of the
second world war, lavorò like errand boy, delivering milk in the houses, then an important man became, an industrial very well-known one, fece business, found luck, it is married with Evelyn Methews, ebbero a large family and so on, the years passed, the father of Sandy, Clyde Sullivan, I had continued the same footprints of its grandfather, was a very important entrepreneur and known all over the world, wanted to make to study his daughters for the same thing, enterprise femminile, larger, Beky, was a shining architect with a shining career, I study deprived and
an attractive salary, the second one, Sandy, was a public ministry, a shining magistrate with a shining career already undertaken, the third-born one, Paige, studied and was at the first law of university of year, had vent' already finished years, was very capable, the most small instead, l' last of the sisters Sullivan, Emily, was at the first middle year of schools inferior, a child considering than had only thirteen years, that evening however, Sandy had asked the father if could come to take Emily and to carry sleep it for the weekend, seen that was a Friday evening,
at home its, was large, a lot more attractive, Emily was very pleased with to go to sleep from its father and from its new companion, Ramona, well-known three years after the death of the wife, Rebecca was seriously sick terminal, a tumor in stadium unfortunately advanced to the brain carried it via in hustle, died in a cold autumn, Sandy all preparò the things of Emily, dressed, you hover, notebooks for the school and so on, Clyde arrived punctual to take it, to nineteen precise, had a last Volvo model, greeted and embraced Sandy, that however held an attitude a little
cold and Detached towards the father, from a side. ...non ever had tolerated the fact that he was itself risposato and had a new life, the impression gave them that that Ramona had make forget him in a rush its mother, so, all and you are the cousins, gives birth of brothers, found themselves all together in a cheerful and calm supper and. ....” Know of thing I have had actual need now?"  churches Beky now, while sat to the table after to be be delighted with a warm meal and very agreeable, soup of fish, with mixed fried food, salad and quant' other until to arrive the
dessert, an ice cream cake, a zuccotto with soft Pan of Spain and filled cremoso," Of a man" continued," yes I have had actual need of a man that shake me a little', lately I am a little tense one!" added," AND I believe us too intense activities!" told them Chorus while taken another spoonful of sweet," I if had a man here now, I would do myself it to the instant!" said Paige while already having finished dining, crossed the left leg neatly sull' other, Paige had only vent' years, was very attractive and radiant, put on a colorless couple of jeans of color, but very
tight and adhering quite sculpting its flanks of size forty-two, intimate his parts feminine and his legs, a white knitting to small red florets with long sleeves opening itself spacious around the pulses and scalloped discovering them hands, had some bracelets to the left pulse and a ring to the right thumb, shoes with heel in visa, red hair rust clear, moved, wavy, long but collected all on the rear with a pliers, had not fringe, Front high, small nose and a little strait on the nostrils, slightly all' upwards, high cheekbones, soft and fleshy lips, fresh quite marked
from the obviousness of a rouge, the knitting discovered them the belly and l' navel, when hour sitting next to its sister Sandy, to the table quadrangolare, all quite prepared, was looked at from the sister and. ....” That you finish I am these young lady Sullivan?" the churches now guardandola a little one badly contracting the brow, attractive, radiant, orange hair long, came down adorning sideways its I turn discovering its high Front, were moved in soft and setosi buccoli that gave an attractive hair, washed and quite combed came down on its back, an orange natural
one, characteristic, attractive, intense, Sandy had a nose that came down not long, but leggerissimamente a little one hollowed out on the bony Sept, high cheekbones, cheeks do not hollowed out but colors from a light one fard, pronounced soft and fleshy lips from the sensuality of a shining lips, that sculpted the you surround, that evening put on a species of black gilè, which came down with a belt in life finishing short above to squeeze and quite adhering jeans, under had a white knitting simple with long sleeves, l' clock to the left pulse, bracelets to the other one
and a ring to the middle finger right that pleased to carry them but not always, Paige sipped now from the glass a little one of water slightly sparkling and having still the risen in mouth. ...” Excuses but that I said?" churches now resting the glass," you know It that me not certain piacciono limits Paige" taken again Sandy," should know me now, I am wanting I educate Emily dandole a good teaching without the use of limits inappropriati, and I can ensure you that is not facile,sopratutto..." added," after the death of the mommy!"," But how much are tedious!" repeated
Paige now when lifted itself and. ...” Where è that go now?" the churches Sandy, when Paige it is turned And. ....” to smoke myself a cigarette" the replies," I am able or is perhaps against the law?"  the churches now she, Sandy a moment looked at it and, Paige went in room, searched in its bag, taken the pack of cigarettes and if lit of it a to do immediately a shot, while Sandy sospirò rather deeply and, is not that had much sweet of its portion end of desire so incited it a little one with the teaspoon then. ....” does Not seem to exaggerate you a little too much with
Paige?" the churches Beky now," at the bottom has only vent' years Sandy!" added," IS what Beky worries me" the replies," how it is behaved, the friends that attends, took again also to smoke, I do not know it more perhaps we are blundering all we!"," I do not believe" taken again Beky," you know what think instead?"  It continued," That we are them too with the breath on the neck, we should slacken a little one of more Sandy taken it, even if in past blundered. ...non means that it is repeated!", Sandy looked at it and. ...  "It has reason!" said Chorus sat from the
other part of the table, Sandy a moment looked at it and. ....  "You are too possessive Sandy" taken again," is your character I know it that cannot do us nothing but. ....  perhaps Paige could resent it somehow of this your legitimate possessività, I know that you want them well, but cannot exaggerate!" continued, when in the same one moment during the supper rang a cellular one, was a very nice alarm and lively, of who was? Liza if the tolse immediately from the pocket of the pants and. ....” IS Sara.!" said seeing the name and the number that appeared on the display,
so lifted itself, put on a green couple of pants soldier dark with side pockets to life Low however, and a dark blue knitting darkness with long sleeves and squeezed that the belly discovered them and the navel sculpting its flanks and its thinness, was thin, very thin being a dancer, high more or except for 1,70,aveva the red hair, a shining red harvests however in a well-made and high tail from an elastic one, from which fell soft and moved and. ....” Ready sister hello.!"  it said answering to the telephone removing itself a little one from the table on the floor in
the lurch of wood quite held and cleaned, was very happy, happy to hear the distant sister, Sara, that was a shining surgeon that worked to the General Hospital of Los Angeles, United States, a year had left ago and. ...” Ready treasury hello.!" answered them Sara from the other part of the telephone in that warm and unmistakable voice," Like bushels?" the churches," I well you?"," Well yes just I am gone out from the operating room!" the replies having the green cap in head that collected them all of the hair, removing itself the white mask, putting on the apparel of the
surgeons, a green coat to short sleeves, was afternoon there, white rats to the feet, and that I turn that. ...occhi green, deep and intense, nose that came down long but long-limbed, high cheekbones like the Front, and lips.......

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